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The Okakarara Vocational Training Centre officially opened its doors in 1977, it is the oldest centre under the NTA. The centre conducts its operations under the realm of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Act, No. 1 of 2008, which makes provision for the management and control of all state-owned vocational training centres to be devolved upon the Namibia Training Authority, until such time that these centres, in the opinion of the Board of Directors of the NTA, are transformed into self-reliant vocational education and training providers.
As one of seven formerly state-owned vocational training centres now under the supervision of the Namibia Training Authority, Okakarara VTC has as its core business the training of young technically inclined Namibians in key vocational and technical areas. To this end, it focuses on offering:
  • Newly- designed unit standards and qualifications under the Competency-Based Education and Training (CBET) curricula;
  • A variety of training and up-skilling courses aimed at enhancing the technical and entrepreneurial skills of members of the community in which it operates;
  • Namibia Qualifications Authority-accredited formal courses that are listed on the National Qualifications Framework, based on identified demands and resulting in an increase of highly qualified artisans and professional in various trade- or professional areas for the labour market; and
  • A variety of informal skills- and entrepreneurial training based on requested and established demands, ultimately leading to improved local and regional entrepreneurial development; and
  • Other services to the community and business sector, such as business information and support, counseling, product development, business mentorship and referrals.

The Okakarara VTC aligns itself to the strategic path of its parent organisation, the Namibia Training Authority, who in turn has prioritised the provision of effective and efficient training services as a key deliverable under its current five-year Strategic Plan.

Not only are the vision and mission of the Okakarara VTC aligned to that of the NTA, the centre also subscribes to the notion of establishing itself as a value-driven organisation, under which its staff and stakeholders collectively strive towards raising the bar as far as the delivery of effective and efficient vocational and technical training services at the centre are concerned.

To become a formidable assessment center of excellence and leading training provider of sought after technicians and skilled manpower for Namibia and the region, providing sustainable, market demand driven training services in a technologically advanced world.

To provide an efficient training and assessment service in the technical and commercial fields in order to deliver competent skilled manpower who will gain meaningful employment locally, regionally, internationally, self-employment and employment creation towards the realization of vision 2030.

Integrity, Teamwork, Accountability, Respect, Innovation and Ethical Conduct.


Below is our timeline displaying a list of events happened since the establishment of our training centre in chronological order.



The Okakarara Vocational Training Centre officially opened its doors.



Okakarara VTC held its first Graduation Ceremony, where over 100 graduates were awarded National diplomas in various fields.


Introduction of Sport Activities

Sport activities were introduced such as Athletics,Netball and socccer and trainees were required to be part.


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